Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Sorting

O had fun sorting these Christmas erasers using chopsticks. After she finished sorting the erasers, I showed her how to make a pattern using them. I started a pattern, and she finished it. She then created her own pattern (or "patterin" as she says). She really enjoyed teaching Baby Sister all about patterns. It's so much fun to include E in on our activities, and she enjoys all of the attention O showers her with :)

The erasers are from the Dollar Tree, the tray is from Walmart, and you can find the chopsticks at Let's Explore.


  1. Those chopsticks look so cool I'm gonna have to get some for my little one.

  2. We did this exact same thing the other day! Same erasers, same tray. Only we didn't have the tongs. :) I think I'll have to visit Let's Explore!

  3. Great fine motor and mathematical activity! Thanks for sharing.