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Monday, December 21, 2009

Glittery Letter Ornaments

We had a GREAT time making glittery letter ornaments! First, we sanded the edges of the letters (bought from Hobby Lobby in packs of 2 for a dollar).

Then she painted the letters with glue.

Then she went crazy with the glitter. I was distracted by a phone call during this activity, and we somehow ended up with glitter EVERYWHERE in our house...even in the toilets! Next time, I'll just let the phone ring :)

O made ornaments for herself, her baby sister, and one of her favorite people.

I'm glad she had fun making these ornaments because I think it's the last time we'll use glitter for a while...if Elliott has his way!


  1. Pretty and sparkly! That is my kind of craft!

  2. I'm sure you've heard this before...glitter is the herpes of craft supplies. It spreads everywhere and once you have it, you can't get rid of it!

    They are lovely, though!

  3. How pretty - I suppose you could apply a layer of some type of wood finish on top when all done to keep the glitter from getting everywhere.

  4. I say, let the glitter flourish! I love having glitter in my hair and beard. My dogs are glittery. My car is glittery. Every child in my class went home on Friday covered in glitter. It's glitter season.