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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Felt Sugar Cookies

I can't believe I finished these cookies before Christmas Eve! They weren't top priority on my long list, but since they were so simple to make they eventually made their way to the top while other more important things were cut :)

To make the cookies, I traced cookie cutter shapes onto ecospun felt and cut out 2 of each of the shapes (I did this at least 6 months ago...before having a baby and forgetting about them completely until just a few weeks ago). Once I remembered the cookies, I started carrying them around with me for a couple of weeks hoping for a few minutes to work on them. I finally found the (less than) 20 minutes that I needed while waiting for Elliott's workday to be finished (we ride together) last week, and I sewed the 2 sides together using embroidery thread. I decided not to stuff the cookies.

The girls both went to sleep fairly early (gasp!) a couple of nights ago, and I worked furiously on Christmas gifts...the cookies made the cut once again, so I painted them with fabric paint. It's supposed to look like icing, and I guess it does. I think they'd look better with felt embellishments instead of paint, but they're done and that makes me happy. I packaged them in a Martha Stewart cookie box (bought at 75% off after Christmas last year), and they are under the tree!


  1. They are really cute! I especially love the tree one :)

  2. How very cute and what a creative gift idea.

  3. I really like the paint, I think it looks like shiny icing!

    Is there any particular reason why you made them double-layered sewed together? I *hate* sewing - could I just cut and paint single-layered shapes? Or will the felt fray if the edges aren't sewed?

  4. It sounds like you make yours by hand? Not machine?

    I think the fabric paint looks exactly like icing (in the picture). Which may be better than felt!

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  6. You deserve mother of the year award!! Your recent craft post have been amazing, and that quilt... Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring site.