Chasing Cheerios

Monday, December 14, 2009

Gumdrop Tree

O was very excited about making our gumdrop tree last week! To make a gumdrop tree you need a bag of gumdrops, toothpicks (broken in half), and a styrofoam tree form. We used the styrofoam tree form that we used last year. One of the first things she asked was "can I taste the gumdrops like I did when I was 2?" I'll have to remind her that last year she thought the gumdrops were "ucky." (I'd forgotten that until I just read last year's post...I'm so glad I have our blogs to help us remember these simple moments). O was much more interested in "tasting" the gumdrops than decorating the tree. She's developed quite a sweet tooth. However, we don't allow her to have candy very often.

It was fun to have E sit with us and participate in this activity. In order to involve her, we decided to teach her the colors of the gumdrops (in English and Spanish) as we put the gumdrops on the tree. O thought it was great to show E the gumdrops while telling her the colors, and it was a good review for all of us to practice the colors in Spanish.

This was a fun and easy activity, and I'm looking forward to disassembling the gumdrop tree in a few weeks :)


  1. I bought a couple of styrofoam little trees as well. I plan to use one for a size sequencing activity using ribbon, which I'll publish on my blog when we do it. I will certainly be using one to decorate with edible treats just like yours. What fun!

  2. This is a great idea! My 21 month old and I will be making a Christmas tree out of a snowcone and frosting this week. The activity is set for Wednesday but it all depends on how "happy" we are on Wednesday. If it's not the best day I'll just switch the activity for Thursday! haha. Great ideas! THank you!

  3. We did this the other day and it was fabulous! Thank you for the idea!