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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Felt Gingerbread Boy Activity

Another repost...

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For O's 10th day advent activity, we did this felt gingerbread boy activity. This activity is identical to the snowman and turkey felt activities, just with a gingerbread boy :)

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I showed O how to dress the gingerbread boy to make him match the picture. However, she was not interested in copying the picture AT ALL. She wanted to dress him her own way, which was fine, of course :) (Just in case you happen to notice...O is wearing a leotard because she was a "baby balla-eena" and I was the "mama balla-eena." She really wants me to get a leotard!)

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She asked for the snowman after we played with the gingerbread boy for a while. She insisted that he have legs!

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  1. I love the cute felt pieces and O's interest level of interest in the activity. I think snowmen should have legs too and as for the leotard - I vote yes, you should get a pair too!