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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Handpainted Rolling Giraffe

O is proudly making all of her gifts for Baby Sister this Christmas. She enjoyed painting the rolling giraffe (using acrylic craft paint). After she is finished, we'll paint it with coat of mod podge to give it a finished look. (We will watch E closely to make sure she doesn't put this toy in her mouth. The paint and mod podge are nontoxic, but it can't be good to get it in your mouth...)

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  1. Yo might be interested to know that I have found a couple of non-toxic, natural ways to finish wood. One is to use Butcher's Block Conditioner (practical life/polishing skills!). I figure if it works for cutting boards, it's gotta be okay for babies. Here are instructions for making your own wood stains from plant products: