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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Peppermint Bark

O and I made peppermint bark for her dance teachers Friday afternoon. We had a lot of fun, and it was very yummy!

We started off with trying to break the peppermints into bits. I planned on hammering them, but I couldn't find a hammer. We put them under a kitchen towel and beat them with a Kleen Kanteen, but that didn't work. Next, we took them out of the wrappers and chopped them in the chopper. It worked perfectly!

We used Wilton's meltable white chocolate, and I melted it in the microwave. I poured the chocolate on a sheet of waxed paper (that was really an unfolded and washed cereal bag). We spread the chocolate out with a spoon and sprinkled the peppermint pieces on top. After we finished, we enjoyed licking the spoon and bowl (that chocolate is expensive, so we couldn't waste a drop!).

After the chocolate hardened, I broke it into pieces and put it in gift bags for O's dance teachers. This was a fun, easy, and delicious homemade gift!


  1. This is so easy, i love it! So the melted chocolate didnt go everywhere when you poured it onto the paper? Like it didnt run off?

  2. We do this every year at out house. It started out as an idea, but it has developed into a great tradition! As a side note, if you want to cut your costs a little, it's usually cheaper just to buy the one pound package of white bark in the baking section than it is to buy the Wilton stuff, and you can still melt it in the microwave and everything.

  3. How simple that is!!! I'm definetly making this with my 4 kids over their holiday break from school!! Thank you for sharing.

  4. This looks very yummy! I love peppermint and white chocolate. Mmm. I bet her dance teachers will love it.

  5. WOW! I never thought of using a cereal bag. I just didn't make something if I didn't have the wax paper. Next time I will use your brilliant idea!

  6. looks like a fun afternoon prodject. Can't wait to try it with my little one.