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Friday, December 18, 2009

E's Handmade Christmas Stocking

O was VERY upset to see that E did not have a stocking when we decorated for Christmas last week. She said "she doesn't even have a nail!!!" O was very sweet and concerned for her sister's stocking. She said she wanted E's stocking to be next to hers with my stocking on one end and Elliott's on the other end, so their stockings (O and E's) would be safe.

I used patterns from Wee Wonderfuls for both girls' stockings. (E's stocking has the Peppermint Fairy on it, which you can buy in the store. The actual pattern was much smaller. Since I wanted the stockings to match, I enlarged the pattern to the same size as the elf girl pattern). Here is O's stocking.

I'd cut and embroidered E's stocking before she was born, but we didn't finish it until last Thursday. Thank you a million times over to Guh-guh who finished E's stocking for us. There's no way I could have done it without you!!!

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  1. I love both stockings! There is nothing like natural linen with red classic. O and E will have these forever. Cherished times!