Chasing Cheerios

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hot Chocolate

I think that hot chocolate and movie night has been O's favorite advent activity so far! She thoroughly enjoyed her hot chocolate that she drank while watching Charlie Brown's Christmas and Prep and Landing.


  1. We missed Prep and Landing this year! My kids were so bummed. We forgot to record it while we were at Jaina's Christmas program. :(

  2. I remember last year that you were concerned about the Charlie Brown Christmas because the kids are so mean to Charlie Brown. I thought about it a lot, because my daughter isn't 3 year, but finally decided that she was old enough to enjoy it and I mentioned how sad Charlie Brown was because the kids were being mean. She really enjoyed the movie. I thought Prep and Landing was cute too!

  3. I wasn't as concerned about it this year (although I wish Lucy didn't say "stupid" so often) since O is older and is more able to have a discussion about the show and understand that their behavior is wrong. I think she understood and hopefully won't copy the bad behavior.