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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Gingerbread Cottage Felt Board Scene

Here's another oldie, but goodie (originally posted in December 2008).

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I admit it...I'm obsessed with making things out of felt :) Sadly, I was much more impressed with the felt gingerbread village than O was, so I decided to make a 2d gingerbread scene for her felt board.
I love making felt board scenes. They come together so quickly and easily, and it's nice to finish a project in one sitting :) I admit that I'm still using cheap felt, and I've realized that ecospun felt (made from recycled plastic bottles) is MUCH better quality that typical cheap felt. It's thicker and it doesn't shed (so far). I'd like to make the switch to wool blend felt, but I just haven't done it yet :)


  1. trust me, once you've made that switch to wool blend, you'll never go back;) pretty hooked on it over here

  2. Thanks for another great idea - my little one and I were inspired and had a great time pulling out our felt box to make our own scene.