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Friday, April 15, 2011

Coffee Bean Jewelry

Several months ago, I hosted a giveaway of unique handmade jewelry. The jewelry is made by women in Guatamala who are seeking shelter from abuse. Several of you have asked where you can buy the jewelry. Here is a link to a website that is now selling the jewelry.

Also, here is a message from my friend about the women's shelter (she left this message in the comments section of the original post, but I wanted to be sure that everyone sees it!).

Thank you all for your comments! I just got word that the shelter may close due to lack of funding! The link above is where you can purchase the jewelry! They have finally gotten it up and running through a partner group that has added it to their website! Spread the word, please!

Also, if you know of ANY organizations with Grant money or other money to donate, please, let me know. B/c they are faith based (but DO NOT force or require faith) they are often denied funding.

Thanks for your support!

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  1. YOU Rock!!
    I am up for suggestions! I'll even dance in the street!