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Friday, April 15, 2011

Making Goop

Making goop on our beach is one of our favorite Spring/Summer activities, and we did it for the first time this year on Sunday afternoon. The girls mixed equal parts water and cornstarch and then mixed it together with their hands. We kept adding more cornstarch, and O(4) eventually added sand "just to see what happens."

We talked about how the consistency seems to change from a solid to a liquid as we played with the goop. We usually add food coloring to our goop, but I decided to make it a little simpler and skip the food coloring this time.


  1. I love making this. It was always a fun activity with my pre-k class. They loved it!

  2. we love this! we call it magical muck!

  3. I love making this stuff with my class. We made a huge batch of it to break in out new sensory table...what a mess...what fun! I do like the idea of doing this project outside though, would make an easy clean up on those hot summer days when we do water play.

  4. If you add coloring and some paint brushes you would have yourself some sidewalk paint :)