Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Decoupaged Easter Eggs

My mom decoupaged these Easter eggs using Leggs pantyhose eggs, fabric, ric rac, and mod podge more than 35 years ago, and I love them! We've talked about making updated versions for the past few years, but it still hasn't happened...maybe next year.

This is my favorite one.

My mom bought each of the girls a set of huge, plastic Easter eggs from Hobby Lobby last year, and we're hoping to eventually decoupage them using either paper or fabric.

We used the HUGE eggs to change our Easter morning tradition a little bit this year...we usually have a treasure hunt that eventually leads to an Easter basket full of goodies. This year I hid a bunch of small eggs around the room, and 2 large eggs (for each girl) on the futon. The Easter bunny filled the largest egg with goodies for the whole family (chocolate and card games). I'm really, really, really trying to cut back on all of the "stuff" that I give the girls, but it's SO hard because I love toys and children's books even more than they do. This year both girls got swim shirts and shorts (I prefer for them to wear swim shirts and shorts rather than traditional style bathing suits unless they are swimming in an indoor pool...I like them to be covered as much as possible!). O(4) was estatic to open her egg to find a Kit Mini Doll (American Girl),and E(1) was very happy to find a "peebo" classic wooden hippo in her egg. They also got several Schleich animals that I bought at deep discounts from Target. I love the schelich animals since they can play with them on the beach and in the bathtub. Fun times!


  1. Happy belated Easter!

    Love the eggs!

    It is hard for me sometimes to keep up with "western" traditions here such as Easter, Christmas, birthdays (I mean everyone has birthdays, of course, but parties and celebrations are not as common here) but I want to try hard to make sure my boys get the best of both worlds.

    Noah (16 months) did a bit of an easter egg hunt this year- I hid plastic eggs and put a couple of mini eggs in them my mum sent us, plus filled the other ones with raisans, crackers and a fruit museli bar broken up. He enjoyed it- next year both boys will be able to hunt (Shion is 4 months)...and I am hoping we will be in our new house by then and maybe I could "host" a mini Easter party with some other foreign friends.

    We always got books for Easter (with chocolates) and definitely something I want to do with my boys. I have seen the animals you spoke about- they look great but expensive. Wish I could find them on sale here!!!

  2. Hey, you're the only other parent that I've ever heard of who puts your girlies, too, in surf shirts and swim trunks! I've always done it, and that's what I wear, too, so they've never protested. My girls are fair-skinned so I'm concerned in giving them as much protection from the sun as possible, too, but I also have lots of gender-stereotyping blah blah blah reasons that nobody but me ever wants to hear about, as well.