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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Felt Storyboard Activity

I love doing felt board activities with the girls (I think I like them more than they do!) and here is a recent activity that E(1) and I did...

I printed the felt story pieces for Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear? from Kiz Club. After cutting out the pieces, I glued a small square of sandpaper on the back of each piece. As E and I read the story, I put the pieces on our felt board.

After we finished the story, E had fun matching the pictures.

I love all of the story pieces at Kiz Club, and I'm planning to make a bigger felt board this weekend!


  1. This is great. Thanks for the link to Kiz Club - they have printouts for a couple of my favourites - Time For Bed and Who Sank the Boat.

  2. So happy to have come across your blog and your creative ideas! The KizClub site is new to me -thanks for all the great story props I will now have at my disposal. Please tell said you printed the felt pieces. How is this accomplished? Do you use iron-on transfer paper? Thanks again for sharing!
    -Mary (A Montessori teacher in Florida)

  3. Sandpaper for flannel boards. Is that cheaper than flannel?

    My daughter has the attic door in her bedroom. I was considering turning it into a flannel board for her to play with.

  4. Meg- I printed the story pieces onto cardstock and glued sandpaper to the back. They stick easily to the felt board.
    Tara- I used sandpaper because I have plenty of it (not sure if it's cheaper), and it works great!

  5. Love it! Felt board stuff with my little guy is my favorite! Thanks for the link for ideas!

  6. Thanks for the link-had never visited that website and my kindergartner is ever grateful for the character printouts of Dear Zoo. Just prior to the class field trip to the zoo.

  7. Thanks for the inspiration! I didn't realize you could make your own pieces using sand paper. great idea! I passed your post along on my blog: