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Monday, April 18, 2011

E's Montessori-ish Bedroom

Several readers have asked (many) times for me to post pics of E(1)'s bedroom. I've always planned to do this, but just never got around to it. Now that we are about to move E into O's room, I decided it was now or never!

This is the view from the door. The shelf under the window is from IKEA. I used to have one basket in each space. The baskets each held a set of toys...knitted fruit, blocks, and beanbags. Once she grew out of these, I replaced them with books. The wall shelves are rain gutters that we installed a couple of years ago. They are great for storing books!

My favorite part of the room is the bird mobile (hanging over the rocking chair). My mom and I made it when I was pregnant with E. E LOVES birds, and I think that seeing birds fly around her room has inspired this love!

This is the closet door. There used to be a mirror on the bottom of the closet door (in addition to the mirror on the wall), but it fell off. Since, we rarely used it, I didn't put it back up.

E's floor bed. It's a double bed, so that we would have room to sleep with our little snuggle bug. We used to have books in this rain gutter bookshelf, but she started pulling up on it and it started pulling out of the wall. We'll move this rain gutter shelf to O's room soon (along with E!).

I'm sorry it took so long to write this post! Hope it helps someone out there who is planning their baby's room :)


  1. I love the rain gutter shelves! What a great idea <3


  2. Very cute!

    And, uh, Dusti, I think we're stalking each other around the web ;) or maybe I'm just stalking you... hmm...

  3. What a sweet room! I really want to install some forward facing bookshelves in our playroom. I love those.

  4. Thanks for this post. I always like to see Montessori bedrooms.

  5. Love the bilibo in the picture! We have it yellow, and it such a favourite.

  6. Thanks for that post!! It's just a Lovely and sweet room!!! I love it... specially all the bookshelves!!! Thanks for post about it!