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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Art with Anything...Painting with Liquid Watercolors on Salt and Sticky Contact Paper

I recently checked out Mary Ann Kohl's book, Art with Anything, from the library and now I have lots of ideas for art projects with the girls.  This is especially great since O(5) told me that she wants to do a different art activity each day!

Our first activity from Art with Anything was to paint on sticky contact paper with salt and liquid watercolor paints.

First, I taped 2 pieces of contact paper (sticky side up) to 2 cookies sheets.  Then, the girls had a great time shaking and pouring salt onto their contact paper.

After, they completely covered the contact paper with salt, they painted the salt covered paper with liquid watercolors.  I told them to use a gentle and light touch so that they wouldn't dislodge the salt.  However, the salt moved even when they used a light touch which was frustrating for O(5).

Eventually, she stopped trying to use a light touch and had fun filling her paintbrush up with salt!

We let the paintings dry overnight, and then hung them up on the sliding glass door this afternoon.  When I saw them, I reminded myself that it's the process that counts not the final product.  However, when we hung the painting on the door, E(2) rushed over while saying over and over "It's beautiful!  It's SO beautiful!"  Love her!

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