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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Map and Globe Study...Argentina!

The girls and I spent some time learning about Argentina using our Smart Globe.  We found Argentina on the globe and listened to the national anthem.  We listened to the basic facts and historical facts.

While O(5) and I were learning using the SmartGlobe, E(2) was building Argentina with her blocks!  She kept saying "This is Argentina!"  She has really enjoyed our study of Argentina much more than I expected.  When we went out of town for the weekend, she asked "Are we going to Argentina?"

After we finished using our globe, we all cuddled together on the couch with the ipad and fingerwalked using google earth from our house to Argentina.  It was fun to discuss our path, and O said we were definitely stopping in Costa Rica to see our friends!  We then looked at pics of Argentina on the ipad.  The girls LOVED the pics of the glaciers and waterfalls.  E is determined that she is going to slide down Iguazu Falls.  She says "I"m going to go under the fence and slide down it!"  O says she's taking a frisbee to throw at the falls to see what happens, and then she taking a second frisbee to sit on so she can slide down the falls!  Silly girls!  

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