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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kindergarten Activity Bag...Math!

I made this super fun math activity bag for O(5) before our vacation a few months ago, and she LOVES it!

To make this activity, I hot glued plastic number tiles to glittery pipe cleaners.  Then I put the appropriate number of beads into a collapsible container (it came in an Easter egg dyeing kit) and added in a glittery piece of felt to use as a work space.

To complete the activity, O puts the appropriate number of beads on each pipe cleaner.  This is not only great math practice, but it's also good for developing hand/eye coordination and fine motor control.

After she finishes putting the beads on the pipe cleaners, she puts the numbers in numerical order.

Then she can create simple addition and subtraction math problems.

This is the perfect car and plane activity for my math girl!

The idea for this activity came from here!


  1. Awesome idea. I love that it fits nicely in a bag.

  2. I absolutely love it!! This is just why i love blogs!! You get so many wonderful ideas!!!

    Thank you! KJ :)

  3. Love it!! Great idea for my math girl too!!! Thanks for your wonderful ideas!!

  4. Where do you get the tiles? I was thinking of just using laminated numbers instead. Wonderful idea!!

  5. I love your activity bags, Melissa! I featured your post and photo in my Traveling with Kids - Montessori-Inspired Activities post at