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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maps and Money...Argentina!

O(5) didn't feel well on Tuesday, so she stayed home from school and dance class.  This gave us lots more time to study Argentina!

We looked at our American flag and the Argentinean flag and talked about how they are both similar and different.  E(2) really enjoyed playing with the flags, and I loved hearing her talk to herself as she played.  She said "This flag American flag and this is Argentina flag."

After we talked about the flags for a while and read an excerpt from a library book telling us about the Argentinean flag, the girls colored pictures of the flag (printed from Activity Village).

They both really enjoyed coloring the flag.

Then E decided to cut her flag.  She's very into cutting lately.

O(5) was proud of her finished flag.

In addition to studying the flag, we also had fun looking at the Argentinean coins and bills.  O put the bills in order.

We all really like the coins with the sun on them.

We compared/contrasted American coins to Argentinean coins and did a few coin rubbings with crayons.

We looked at the sun on the flag and on the coins.

They sorted the American money from the Argentinean money.

The girls love their stickers that Maria Elena included in the package!

E(2) brought this to me and said "I made this just for you. It's a baby. Where's the tape so I can tape it to your furniture?"

They also love the heart magnets.  They divided them up, and then decorated the refrigerator.

It was another fun day at our house!  We are all really loving these cultural exchange packages, and I hope to continue coordinating these exchanges throughout our homeschooling years.  This is just such an amazing experience and such a fun way to learn about other countries and cultures.

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