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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Drinking Tea from a Gourd...Argentina!

Included in our Argentina package was a drinking gourd (called Mate), tea, and a special straw for drinking the tea.  The girls were VERY excited about drinking the tea from the gourd with the special straw.

Watching the tea steep.

They didn't love the taste, but they each tried it a couple of times.  I was proud of them for being so willing and excited to try something new!


  1. I love the girls trying to drink the "mate cocido" as we call it in Argentina. We put the "mate cocido2 bag in a cup and then add the water. The water must have just broken into a boil; it should not boil for long, for the oxygen dissolved in it is eliminated during boiling and this loss of oxygen affects the quality of the infusion and all the natural benefits of mate cocido.
    Unfortunately, I forgot to add a little bag with "yerba", what we use to put into the gourd. Sorry!!!

    Tell the girls that most children don't like this beverage here either. Mine don't like it either. We start loving it when we are adolescents. It is never absent in a meeting with friends or close relatives. Maria Elena

  2. When my friend 'taught' me to drink mate many years ago she had to add LOTS of sugar for me. LOTS :) By the end of the summer she's weaned me down a bit, but if you try it again, give that a try. It has a strong taste even then. Love that you tried with your girls though!
    Becky K