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Friday, January 13, 2012

"P" Week

E(2) had "P" week in October, and I wrote the post, but never put it up on the blog!

She made pumpkin pie with O and my mom.

We ate purple cabbage.

We carved a pumpkin.

We made pipe cleaner spiders.

We did lots of puzzles.

She pulled her puppy around the house.

She dressed up like a pink poodle.

And wore her hair in pigtails.

The girls loved their first experience with pop rocks! This was probably the highlight of our "P" weeks!

We went for a windy ride on the pontoon boat.

The girls painted wooden pocketbooks.

E matched pumpkin life cycle cards (from Montessori for Everyone).

She really enjoyed talking about the life cycle of the pumpkin.

We dressed like pirates.

She painted this tray and made prints of it. 

We had a picnic in the woods, rode the plasma car, and played the piano. Fun stuff!

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