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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Easy Dulce De Leche...Argentina!

The girls and I made dulce de leche a couple of weeks ago, and it is absolutely deeeelicious!!!  It was also super simple to make!  The only ingredient is a can of sweetened condensed milk!  We took the label off the can and put it in a deep pot of water (at least 4 inches of water covered the can at all times...evidently, it will explode if it is ever uncovered).  We boiled the can for 4 hours.  After it cooled, we opened the can on both ends and the dulce de leche slid out....sooo good!  We put it on vanilla ice-cream and then sandwiched it between 2 shortbread cookies to make alfajores.


  1. That looks soooo good! We made this once but it wasn't that thick - bet I didn't cook it long enough. It had a nice caramel flavor, but will cook it longer next time. Fun lesson for Argentina!

  2. Looks so delicious. Dulce de leche is one of my favorite deserts.

  3. This is really as easy as it looks... my husband's dad was from Argentina and we make it every once in a while, supposedly just to put inside alfajores. (but not all of it gets inside the cookies! :) )

    He taught me to flip the can every half hour or so, and add a little water once in a while to make sure it's covered. SO delicious!

    Thanks for posting :)

  4. Dulce de leche is one of my favorite deserts.

  5. hello! you don´t need to boil the can that much, boil it for one hour and flip the can and wait 1 more hour. You should try the dulce de leche with panqueques! (panqueques are like crepes, the recipe includes flour, eggs,an vanilla scent. I am from Argentina :)