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Friday, January 6, 2012

Boxes of Fun!

I've been collecting large boxes and storing them in our garage for months for the girls and I to play in.  I envisioned us dragging them to the front yard and making some kind of giant box castle complete with lots of tape and paint.  I thought we'd leave it up for about a week and then recycle the whole thing.  However, things worked out much simpler than that!

We occasionally pull the boxes out of the garage for a few hours and play and play and play.  Then we drag them back in to save for another day.  We've had a wonderful time, but Elliott is not thrilled about his garage being cluttered with large cardboard boxes!


  1. My mom kept some large boxes at her house for the grandkids to play with. She ended up cutting the tape at the top and bottom, so they'd fold flat, then she used adhesive velcro strips to easily re-seal one side (she put bits of the hook side on the bottom flaps, then a strip of the loop side that comes off entirely to hold them together. Then she just sticks it on to keep the loose velcro piece with it for storing.

  2. We do the same thing! :) I also made a cool project with roads inside a box and blogged about it.

  3. Dear Melissa,

    You know what, I also store lots of cardboard boxes in my garage. They have turned out to be a dinosaur for Santiago's birthday, castles, mini cinemas and a cupboard for Agustina's playing utensils. They're fabulous. I love making things out of them with my kids. The best part is that everybody participates!!!! Maria Elena from Argentina

  4. LOL. I did all my holiday shopping online and Target used ridiculously large boxes for some reason. My kids had a blast with them but I finally had to get rid of them because of the amount of space they took. Check some of our activities out if you are interested here.