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Friday, November 28, 2008

O's Christmas List

I have to admit that while I try to minimize the amount of "stuff" that O has, and I strive to give her more handmade gifts than bought gifts, I do LOVE toys. I have a great time making O's Christmas wish list each year, and I'm so glad that her grandparents always request a list (otherwise I wouldn't make one). I enjoy researching toys and reading reviews. I have pretty strict criteria for the toys that go on O's plastic, no batteries, no characters, made of wood, heirloom quality, open-ended, inspires creativity, etc. However, their are ALWAYS exceptions to my rules :) I make a LONG list so that O's grandparents can choose something that they like, and so they, hopefully, don't feel like I am just telling them what to buy :) Her grandparents usually buy 3 or 4 things off her list. We are VERY lucky that O's grandparents are respectful of our "criteria" for O's toys :) So here it is: (I'm copying and pasting from the email that I sent to O's grandparents. Although I have edited it a bit within the last week.)

Toys and Puzzles

rainbow blocks O loves her unit blocks so much that I think these will be a welcome addition to her open ended, creative block play!

Just Like Me Toddler Photo Doll Girl/Boy Set with Terrific Twins Clothes (felt paper doll made using O's picture) I think O will be thrillled to see herself as a paper doll! This is such a neat idea, and I think that since O loves to play dress up so much that it will be neat for her to dress up a doll that looks just like her!

block buddies
These blocks are so cool, and it's a great brain building exercise. I don't think amazon has a very good picture of the blocks, but has better pictures if you are interested.

body puzzle Since O is very interested in veins and bones, I think this puzzle will be thrilling for her. I am sure she will learn so much from it.

yoga kit for kids O loved doing yoga months ago when we had a kids yoga library book, so I think it will be a fun addition to our morning routine to do yoga. I especially think she'll like pretending to be the different animals.

kids PVC free yoga mat

dollhouse nursery furniture

dollhouse accessory set
dollhouse furniture playground
marble runaround
All-in-One castle This is such an amazing toy. I wish I could see it in person! I think this is one that could definitely be passed down to O's children!

Nesting water waves
rainbow glockenspiel
magnetic labyrinth
Paint cups

Stories on CD

Jim Weiss Sweet Dreams cd

Jim Weiss Animal Tales

*Jim Weiss Good Night

Jim Weiss Fairytales

Montessori Materials

binomial cube

third box of color tablets

baric tablets

thermic tablets

metal insets with 2 stands


Hello from around the world memory game O LOVES matching games, and I really like that this game uses actual photographs. I think it will be fun for her to learn how to say "hello" in so many different languages!

soundtracks game

Tell Me a Story cards


  1. wow great list she will be having lots of fun!

  2. I've been thinking about that body puzzle, too!

    Question: Do you think it's okay to do the binomial cube without doing the monomial cube first? I would love to cut down on my Montessori purchases...

  3. oooh i love that wooden marble racer set - wish i didn't just purchse a plastic one...wonder if i could return it. but i bet i'd eat it on shipping. bummer.

  4. freak of nature- Ummm...I didn't even know there was a monomial cube! Oops! I don't think we'll be getting the binomial cube anyway, so I guess we'll be ok :)

  5. put the list on

  6. Thanks again Melissa!
    What a great list!!!

  7. Wow! What great ideas! I've got a 2 year old and some of these ideas would be great for him. You've got fabulous ideas! Thanks!

  8. Thanks for this huge list.