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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Felt Turkey Activity in Action

IMG_1993 (Large), originally uploaded by omamom16.

I introduced this activity to O this morning, and she was very excited. I let her choose the picture, and I showed her how to make the turkey match the picture. The turkey's body, face, and legs were already put together on the felt board, so the only parts we added/changed were the feathers and hats. She needed help with this, but I think she'll be more independent next time :) Check back tomorrow for another fun felt activity!

Just in case anyone noticed... yes, O does have a green ball down her shirt! Her daddy gave her the ball when we were at his office yesterday, and she does not like to let it out of her sight. So, obviously the best place to keep it is in her shirt! (it won't fit in her pocket) After we finished the activity, she said the nurse had to take the ball out. Then we played nurse/dr for a while. That's always a popular activity lately!


  1. love the fletboard! my LO loves them too!

    love the ball story! that is so sweet!

  2. That is a very neat idea. I'm so impressed, so creative!

  3. OH i love it! thank you for your ideas!

  4. This is so great!

    O's ball is too cute :0) Thanks for getting back to me re:book, I appreiate it (though my bank card is thinking no more..)

  5. cute!!

    just wanted to let you know you might want to see my blog entry for today. it's the 2-yr anniversary of my miscarriage. thinking of you!