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Friday, November 28, 2008

A Lesson Learned...

I'm learning more and more about sewing everyday. Last night, I learned a very valuable's sometimes a good idea to turn the sewing machine off before threading the needle! I was threading the needle while O was standing beside me drawing on a piece of paper. Somehow she stepped on the presser foot without realizing what it was, and that needle started moving FAST! It scared me too death, and we all screamed, but luckily I wasn't hurt :)


  1. :O
    so glad your okay.

  2. Also a big fear of mine. My mom has actually pierced her index finger, through the finger nail (more than once)!

    *Heebie, Jeebies*

  3. nice and scary! I knew there was a reason I mostly sew during naptime. I have (pre-kid) sewn through the fleshy part of my thumb, so you really can get hurt. Glad you're alright.

  4. this made me smile. I have seen my aunt pierce her finger many times with the sewing machine and I am glad that didn't happen to you!