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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

O's M

IMG_1893 (Large), originally uploaded by omamom16.

After coloring with markers for a while, O announced that she was going to use crayons. Then she said "ook at O's M's!" I certainly wasn't expecting to see actualy M's, so I was shocked when that was exactly what I did see. O has been talking about making M's for a while, but usually she just draws lines. I called my mom (because I certainly haven't taught her how to write an m), and she said that they've worked on it some since O has been requesting that we write everyone's name lately (and we have LOTS of M's in our family!). She was also shocked :) O said these M's are for "mama."


  1. Random question for you, but I was just wondering if you let O watch TV and why or why not (my guess is no!). I hope it's not too intrusive of a question.


  2. That is so great! This is actually how Georgia learned to write G. She was probably about O's age and one day she started saying, "G! G!" When I looked over, there were some Gs! It is amazing how they pick things up. It seems like O was determined to write those Ms!

  3. How sweet! O is actually my 2 year old sister's current favorite letter to write.

    When I wasn't watching closely enough the other day, she wrote a few letters in magic marker on the white walls of our living room. Good thing those markers are washable!

  4. katherine- No, O doesn't watch tv :) She did watch some tv at my mom's house last week because my mom wanted her to be familiar with Mickey Mouse since we are going to Disneyworld soon, but we don't watch tv at home (except the news). She thinks the news is the only thing that comes on our tv :)

    Jacqueline- O used to write O's, but now she'll ONLY write M's. Silly girl!