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Friday, November 7, 2008

More from O's Prepared Environment

IMG_1930 (Large), originally uploaded by omamom16.

We hung hooks low on the side of our pantry in the kitchen for O's cleaning tools. She can reach them easily when she feels the need to swift, dust, or vacuum :)


  1. I've been really enjoying this series of posts about prepared environments. We're trying to do something similar in our house, though it is tough because (1) it's a small house and (2) I think our child may be a wee too young yet - at least for the art supplies to be out for the taking!

  2. Our house is REALLY small, too. It definitely make it more difficult :) Good luck!

  3. Another great idea. Zhana has a little broom but I've just left it in with her toys. I got the broom before I really got into Montessori. This reminds me to move it to our learning area. Hmm...but our learning area is in the garage and she likes to sweep with it all the time so maybe it should go by the kitchen too...

  4. Oooh, I really need to make a spot for Z's cleaning supplies. We have a coat hook and shoe basket already.

    What kind of little vacuum is that? We have a play vacuum, but it really doesn't suck up much.

    You could use a dropshots account to post your blog pics, that's what I've been using. It's a tad annoying to have to remove some of the html code, but at least I can put as many pictures as I want in a post.

  5. Amber- The vacuum is from Montessori n Such. It's not actually made for kids, but I took the middle piece out. However, it really doesn't work that well :(
    I'll have to look into using dropshots. Thanks!