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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An Upcoming Review

I just received a set of the Terrific Twins Toddler Felt Dolls from Story Time Felts, and I can't wait to write a review on them for all of you. I've been very interested in getting these dolls for O because I love paper dolls, but I'm afraid that she is a little young for them (28 months). Felt paper dolls are the perfect solution! I emailed the owner of the company asking if she would send a set of dolls for me to review. I wasn't really expecting to hear back from her at all, so imagine my surprise when she emailed me back within 10 minutes and said she'd love to send the dolls!!! I was shocked and happy :) The dolls arrived while we were at Disneyworld, but Elliott brought them to us tonight (we are still at O's Guh-guh and Grandpa's house). I was immediately impressed by several things: the dolls and their accessories are packaged in a see through bag (I love it when toys come with storage bags!); I was expecting the dolls to be made of regular felt, but they are actually VERY thick and sturdy; and the clothing and accessories are adorable and very well made (read here to see more about the product and process). I can't wait until tomorrow when I show the dolls to the girls (my niece and O). I hope they love them as much as I do. I'll let you know!


  1. Are your links correct? I ended up at a site I did not expect. I really would like to see what the felt dolls look like.

    I love your blog. You do such fun stuff with O. I try not to feel inadequate ;-)

  2. Thanks! I should have checked the links when I posted it! I don't know what happened, and Elliott fell asleep with O tonight, and he's the computer expert. I hope I don't have a virus! Thanks again for letting me know about the links!