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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Stairway

IMG_1938 (Large), originally uploaded by omamom16.

This is the last one I promise (for now anyway)! My mom and I hung these counting bird pictures in the stairway at O's level so she can enjoy them and count with them as we walk up and down the stairs. She's actually not very interested in them, but that's ok. I really like them, and they make the stairway much more interesting :)


  1. I have those for my daughter! They're in her room. I love them. :)

  2. They look gorgeous! And what a great idea to have them on the stairs where it's natural to want to count anyway!
    We also have these bird cards for our bird-loving daughter and I'm ashamed to say that we got them for her LAST CHRISTMAS and have NOT put them up yet!!!! It is amazing how the year passes so quickly, but you've inspired me with your staircase idea, so maybe they'll be up soon!

  3. We have the Alphabet Flowers and Fairies version.

    Quick question...what kind of frames did you use? I can't seem to find a frame that works, since they are non-standard size.

  4. i love them i really need to get some of thos plastic frameless frames! that is what they are the clear plastic box type frames??

  5. Ohh! Love this. Where did you find the cards?

    My daughter loves counting stairs. Except her version is more like, "One, Seven, Fifteen, Thirty-three!"

  6. Lynnie- don't feel bad...I bought these cards when I was pregnant with O, and we just put them up a few days before her 2nd birthday :)

    Christy- Our cards are 8 x 10, and I used box style acrylic frames from Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

    Shannon- Yes, they are just clear, plastic box style frames. I think you can also find them at Target.

    I found the cards at genius babies, I think. They are made by eeboo.

  7. I love your prepared environment pictures! Please, keep them coming:)

    I love the birds!