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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Story Time Felts

We LOVE the Terrific Twin Toddler Felt Dolls! My 4 year old niece, M, and O (28 months) were very excited when I told them that I had a new toy for them to try out this morning. They played with the dolls for quite a while. I love how focused and quiet they were while playing! My sister tried to get M to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade on tv, but she didn't want to stop playing with the dolls. She finished her dinner quickly and immediately went back to playing with the dolls :) O and I had fun playing together, and I really like that the dolls are thick enough that you can dress them and then walk them around like they are figurines. We had so much fun!

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I really like that the dolls are made of VERY thick felt. This makes it easier and more fun to play with them like figurines instead of on a felt board.

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This is the tote that the dolls are stored in.

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M LOVES the dolls even more than O does. My sister is definitely getting her a set of the dolls for Christmas! I love buying gifts for O that are well-made, open ended, and inspire creative play. These dolls definitely meet all of my criteria :) I also really like the photo dolls in felt. These dolls would be a fun keepsake :)

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  1. Those look great, I have not seen anything comparable made of thick felt like that! Thanks for posting on these in time for Xmas!