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Friday, November 7, 2008

After Halloween Deals

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I've been looking forward to getting after Halloween deals for a LONG time! I'm putting together a suitcase of dress-up clothes and accesories for O for Christmas, so I knew that the week after Halloween would be the time to stock up. I got the wigs for around a dollar each, the gloves for 25 cents, and the face paint for a dollar :) I also bought fall cookie cutters that she can use now (for playdoh and maybe cookies), and Halloween foam stickers that we can have fun with next Halloween. I LOVE a good deal!!!


  1. Hi Melissa,
    We gave Josh a dress up trunk for his 2nd Christmas. We also got some great deals from after Halloween sales. Josh is four now and still LOVES it. We still add to it occasionally from items found at garage sales.

  2. I went to walmart yesterday and got 50 dollars worth of halloween stuff for 12 dollars! I was so proud of myself!

  3. That is such a super idea! Henry is only 8 months old this Christmas - but maybe by next Christmas he'll be into dressing up? I've already saved this idea in my inbox folder of Christmas Ideas!!

    Thanks :)

  4. Keeping all the stuff in a suitcase is a great idea! I also love a bargin!!

  5. i am so jealous! I had wanted to go out and grab halloween deals, but we moved to China where they dont have halloween, much less stores that have sales like in the US :-(. I asked my mom to go, but she got too busy. Hope O loves it!