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Friday, November 7, 2008

O's Stage

IMG_1903 (Large), originally uploaded by omamom16.

O asked me to help her spread out her silks to make a stage. She had lots of fun dancing on her stage. I was just glad that she's feeling better (she's had a cold with a low grade fever all week). These playsilks are the best *toys* ever!!!


  1. What fun! Glad sweet O is feeling better.

    I'm thrilled to say I am about to undertake playsilk dyeing with a friend this week. What size silks did you buy? They look larger than the ones we just got from Dharma. I'm thinking I may have to do some bigger ones, but first I'll see how it goes with the smaller sizes.

  2. Thanks, Amber. I ordered several different sizes of silks from Dharma, but I don't really remember what they were. I know we have at least 3 different sized silks. She seems to like the biggest ones the best. Have fun! I hope you'll post pics :)

  3. My C loves her playsilks too. She spends hours creating with them.

  4. Sarah's Silks are affordable. I researched them for weeks finding the best & lowest price possible. Sarah's was the lowest that I found. I could've gotten them off Ebay i'm sure for a way cheaper price but I don't have the patience for Ebay. LOL

  5. hey, have you heard kids' music for playsilks? I just heard a couple songs at the library last week during toddler story time. I didn't check to see who did the songs, but the songs had motions for your silks and such. pretty cute idea.