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Friday, November 28, 2008

My Christmas List

Elliott and my mom always ask me for a Christmas list for myself, and I always have a hard time thinking of anything to go on it. It wasn't too hard this year because I had a few things in mind :) Here it is:

a thermos with a pop-up top and straw from Target (I LOVE my kleen kanteen, but the top is annoying. A straw top would be so much easier to use, and I'm sure I would drink more water if I weren't so annoyed by the top!)
laminating paper
Dr. Sears Vaccine Book O is selectively vaccinated on a delayed schedule. She's actually almost caught up with her shots, but I'd like to have this book as a reference, especially if we ever have any more children.
Kids Knitting One of my New Year's resolutions for last year was to learn how to knit. It hasn't even come close to happening, so I'm hoping this book will help me come closer to this goal for the next year :) It has great reviews, and since it's written for children maybe it will be easy enough for my old brain to understand :)
a sticker maker I have big plans for this sticker maker! I plan to make stickers for O using photos, illustrations from old books, pictures from magazines, etc. However, I need to make sure the sticker cartridge has repositionable adhesive in it instead of permanent, so I won't have stickers permanently decorating every surface of my house!

That's it! Yes, I'm boring :) So...what's on your list?


  1. They all sound fun to me. I want the Dugger's book that just came out and I would also like a laminator. That sticker maker sounds really neat. I like customizing things for our family.

  2. Great list. It's nice to have one, instead of just buying your own presents like moms tend to do (I'm guilty of it!)
    I bought Kids Knitting when I taught myself to knit a few years ago and it was helpful (along with 2 other books I liked). My list includes an apron and a new cookware set (vintage-looking red porcelain from Sears).

  3. I think that knitting book might be up my alley. I want to learn but am a little intimidated.

    I actually would really like a pizza stone from the King Arthur website.

  4. Fun list! I have the Vaccine Book, I love it! It explains everything very well in an unbiased manner.

  5. Kids Knitting is a great book! ? The illustrations are very clear and there are doable projects! Good choice. You'll like knitting.

  6. I really like kids crafting book because the directions are so much simpler than adult craft books! Is the sticker machine you want a Xyron? They come in lots of sizes, and they also make magnetic strips instead of adhesive.