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Thursday, December 4, 2008

O's Advent Calendar

We FINALLY hung the advent calendar last night! We've been doing an activity each day, but I didn't have the ribbon I needed to hang it until yesterday. To make the calendar, I used a book of punch out boxes that we put together a few weeks ago. (I bought it last year after Christmas for 50% off). I was excited that Elliott joined me in building the boxes. It's fun to have him involved in crafting :) I'm not that happy with how the calendar turned out since it looks a little flimsy. It's definitely not one that will last for years and years :)

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O has enjoyed the our activities each day. However, she was surprised to find a piece of paper when she opened the first box. She asked "where's choc-choc (chocolate)? where's toy?" I was quite surprised, and I think she may have gotten a little spoiled with treats while we were in Disneyworld :) I told what the note said and that the activity was her special surprise.

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  1. I love this activity. Not only did you make a great advent calendar, but instead of clutter toys or sweets she gets an activity. Something she will remember forever. I will have to keep this in mind for next year with my now 1 year old.

  2. I had never heard of doing an activity for each of the days of advent, but I love it and will have to use it next year when my daughter is a little older!

  3. Wow, really great idea with the activities each day! I also didn't like the idea of giving my daughter candy or a toy each day. I find it hard to find 24 gifts that are not too expensive but still not just trash ...
    So I made a calender this year where each day she takes a little ornament and puts it on a tree (out of felt). (She actually had two calendars - another one where I read a bit of a continuing story each day.) But I think next year I will simply couple it with your idea! I think it is also a great reminder for us parents to do something christmas related each day!
    Really great idea!