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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another Felt Funny

O: Is Baby Emma made out of felt?

Me: No. I think she's made out of cotton.

O: O ont (want) Baby Emma be made of felt! (said in a sad voice, and she was almost crying)

(We've been in the habit of speaking to O in third person since she was a baby, and she now refers to herself as "O" instead of "I." It's a hard habit to break, and it sure is cute :)


  1. Very, very sweet.

    Amelia goes back and forth. Sometimes it is: 'Kitty and Amelia are jumping' and other times it is: 'I would like some milk' LOL

    I need to video her tiny voice and her words before she is not saying things like this anymore.

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday!!!

  2. I think it is a phase. Both boys did the same thing.

  3. Cute maybe, but you might want to rethink the whole 3rd person thing and start introducing appropriate pronouns. It becomes less and less age appropriate with time and it can be confusing if they haven't been exposed to them.

  4. We have definitely rethought the whole 3rd person thing. It's a habit that's hard for us to break, but we are working on it so we can set a good example for O. It's not something I'm worried about, although I know that it's something that she should've have started growing out of by now. I'm sure it won't be long before we never hear her refer to herself as "O" again :)

  5. cute! we had the whole 3rd person thing, then it developed into calling herself "you"!! after all we say "that is you in the mirror", "this is for you" etc etc lol.. your O sounds like such a smart cookie that i don't reckon it's going to be a problem! :)