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Friday, December 5, 2008

I Think She's Taking it a Bit Too Far...

All week I've been casually talking to O (no pressure) about how it will be nice to give some toys that she doesn't play with anymore and books she doesn't read to children that don't have toys and books. She usually is not very happy about this idea and says that she doesn't want to do it. Today I was going through her books and found several that we should donate. At first O said she didn't want to, but she thought a minute and changed her tune. She wanted to give the books I chose and a lot more (that I didn't want to give away!) to the "other children." Tonight while we were getting ready for bed, I asked if she had any dolls that she wanted to give the children who didn't have toys. She said no, but then I asked her about a doll that she rarely plays with. She smiled and said "O not ike that doll. Let's give her to the other children!" THEN she looked on her shelf and said "Let's give THAT doll to the other children. O not ont (want) her." Ummm, not an option. She was talking about the doll that my Granny made for me when I was 6 years old. This doll also shares O's name, and she is one of my most precious possessions (since she's handmade by my Granny). I explained to O why baby doll O is precious to us and she's not going anywhere. THEN she looked at the dolls on her top shelf and said "Those dolls not special. Let's give those dolls to the children!" Umm, again, not an option, but thanks for feeling so generous :) She was talking about the mama, daddy, and O dolls that I made for her in the Spring. Obviously, I wasn't very excited about her choices, but I am glad that she's feeling generous :)


  1. My DH says I'm "ruthless" when it comes to sifting through and donating unplayed-with toys. However, we also have a few special handmade dolls that, despite the fact that they NEVER get played with, continue to remain in our home.

  2. You had better luck than I did. My plan was to make donating part of my sons Christmas (he's 4), but he was not going for it. I want him to want to do it, so I'm still working on it.

  3. At least she's not superficial, even if it is a little much! :0)

    My Egg recently lost a lot of toys due to our house and you know what? I have never been so impressed with him, he coped amazingly. I only got rid of the toys as I HAD to I simply didn't think he would cope with charity shops, how wrong I was. Though when I actually did try to donate some toys I was turned away, I was shocked and glad he wasn't with me.