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Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Cozy Hat

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I wasn't the only one who gave handmade gifts for Christmas! My aunt gave O this "tosey" (cozy) hat for Christmas, and she loves it. I'm hoping that I'll learn to knit using this book that Ell gave me for Christmas :)


  1. She looks very sweet in her little hat. :)

  2. Love that hat!
    Loom knitting is super easy - I can knit with needles but prefer loom knitting by far.


  3. That is a beautiful hat, and the little girl in it is even more beautiful. :-)

  4. Sweet hat (and beautiful girl) - I love it! Now if only I could get my girl to leave a hat on her head - it's freezing here!

  5. so cute! ha ha...we have so much in common! my sister got me a "teach yourself to knit" kit for christmas b/c i've been wanting to learn to knit. during my baby's first surgery in september, i realized that although i have many hobbies, none of them were portable, and i had many stressful hours spent sitting in the hospital with nothing to keep me busy. since her next surgery is a week from today, i've been furiously teaching myself since christmas day, and i've got the two basic stitches down, and am about to finish my first project - a pair of fingerless mittens for myself. i've got to get some yarn for a couple projects to work on at the hospital next week! i'll have to check out that book!