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Monday, December 15, 2008

Easy Oil Paintings for the Artistically Challenged

I painted this painting of O in utero shortly after she was born, but I decided to share it since it would make a fun handmade gift. I've always planned to do more oil paintings using pictures, but I just haven't painted much since O's been born.

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Here's how I did it...I printed an 8 x10 of my favorite 3d ultrasound picture. Then I placed a piece of carbon paper on top of an 8 x 10 canvas and put the photo on top. Then I traced around the image with a pen (pressing down fairly hard and evenly). I then removed the image and carbon paper and painted in the lines. It was fun and easy. Obviously, it's not perfect! I'd prefer you didn't notice her hands or feet :) I promise that she has 5 toes on her right foot, not 3! I could never decide how to finish the painting, so I never did anything. Now I've decided that I like it the way it is :) I'd love to do more of these paintings. I really love to do oil paintings, but I don't like to be interrupted once I start painting which is an impossibility at this point in my life :)


  1. I love it, wonderful job. I'm sure O will love it when she's older also.

  2. I love this.. I love to paint and was good at it at high school.. but not now.. this is a good idea, because I think I am beyond coming up with my own ideas.. I need to trace!!