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Friday, December 19, 2008

A Gingerbread Cottage Felt Board Scene

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I admit it...I'm obsessed with making things out of felt :) Sadly, I was much more impressed with the felt gingerbread village than O was, so I decided to make a 2d gingerbread scene for her felt board.
I love making felt board scenes. They come together so quickly and easily, and it's nice to finish a project in one sitting :) I admit that I'm still using cheap felt, and I've realized that ecospun felt (made from recycled plastic bottles) is MUCH better quality that typical cheap felt. It's thicker and it doesn't shed (so far). I'd like to make the switch to wool blend felt, but I just haven't done it yet :)


  1. Oh, I love this. You are so talented. I went and bought all the stuff to make the pumpkin one and snowmen but have yet to make them. LOL Now, the turkey and now this village! Such good ideas!Thanks so much!

  2. I love your felt ideas. And after my advent calendar project I got alot felt lying aroung! :-) I also use the cheap kind. I think the main disadvantage it that you can't wash it! Therefore I am not that keen of making things too elaborate out of it ... I would hate having to through it away just because it got dirty ...
    But felt boards are a great idea. If one piece is ruined you can just replace it! I think I really have to try this.
    (And I read that you can use these very well on long car rides to keep the kids busy. So something I will try on our next vacation!)

    Thanks for the ideas

  3. I loved your idea on the gingerbread cottage. I enjoy making crafts with felt also. We use flannel board stories and I would like to borrow your idea for making one for my children. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love your felt crafts. I just did a Christmas tree and gingerbread people with my little ones this week because you inspired me. Thank you and kept it up.
    Quick question: Where do you get your trays for your works/jobs?

  5. This is super cute, and I wouldn't worry about using inexpensive felt because it's meant to be played with by little hands that might be grubby on occassion! And since it doesn't take you too long to make a scene, if a piece gets lost or dirty you can always make another without it costing an arm and a leg.