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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

O's Art Shelf

IMG_1886 (Large), originally uploaded by omamom16.

After making salsa last night, O made art at her new art shelf. I put her art tote, a basket of crayons, and a pad of paper on a shelf that she could easily reach, and she was thrilled. I filled the art tote with her art supplies this summer so we could easily take everything with us outside (which was where we were doing most of our artwork), but after watching her last night, I think I need to move everything out of the tote so she can access it a little easier. I'm not brave enough to let her have free access to all of her paints, but I am going to let her have access to her watercolor paints and her dot painters. I'm so happy to see her making art of her own initative instead of me prompting her to do so. It's all about accessiblity and presentation!


  1. Hey! Where did you find that little blue caddy?! I have been trying to find those everywhere!

  2. I bought it at the thrift store, but I'm pretty sure that it originally came from Dollar General.

  3. Great idea Melissa!
    We keep crayons, colored pencils, dot markers, regular markers, stickers, and paper accessible to Zara. Sometime the glue and scissors too. I need to get out our watercolors to try again, it's been nearly a year since I let her at those.

  4. I've also bought the at
    that is the greatest idea!!!

  5. Melissa - What brand of dot paints do you use? I've seen several. Is O able to squeeze them with her little hands without a problem? I've also heard that some of the washable dot paints aren't really very washable at all. Any problem with that? I really want to get these for my kids for Christmas but I want to make sure my youngest will actually be able to use them.

  6. Amber- The dot painters are made by Alex and they are called Jumbo Dots-n-Dashes. I've never had a problem with washing them off, and she doesn't have to squeeze them at all. She just has to press down a little while at 1st to get them started, and once they are started she just touches them to the paper. We really love them!