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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The VERY best indoor playhouse

IMG_2013 (Large), originally uploaded by omamom16.

All you need for the very best indoor playhouse is a few blankets or a couple of yards of fabric and a couple of chairs! My sister, brother, and I used to build these playhouses all the time, and it was so much fun. My mom and O had a great time building and playing in this fantastic playhouse on Thursday. O also really likes to play with placemats (she likes to spread them out and pretend they are hospitals, etc.), and she insisted on decorating the inside of her playhouse with them. My mom said that O asked to decorate her house with markers, but mom convinced her that colorful beanbags would be much prettier :) O was very excited and proud to show Elliott and I her house when we got home on Thursday.


  1. That brings back such fond memories of my childhood:) Thanks!

  2. the simple things always seem to be the best!

    who says you have to spend loads of money on your LO's!

    my 2 girls always play under the dining room table on the weekends i love hearing them play while i bake or make dinner!

  3. we just build a very similar playhouse at my home! So much fun!

  4. O is so cute, I love hearing stories about her imagination.

    Brings back memories of my childhood too! I'll have to show you the fort Zara and Christine's boys built while I was in labor, lol.

    Plastic clamps from the hardware section are wonderful for holding sheets to tables or the backs of chairs.

  5. Love it. As you can see from our custom indoor playhouses, we love that kind of stuff here at Tanglewood Design