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Saturday, April 4, 2009

99 Cents Shipping at Let's Explore!

Just in case you don't know already, Let's Explore has 99 cents shipping until Monday. I am a sucker for shipping deals (and free shipping, of course), and I thought some of you might be, too :) I REALLY don't need to buy anything, but I may get a few art supplies for O for her birthday since I have trouble resisting a good shipping deal. I think these window crayons would be great for her since the majority of our house is made up of large glass doors. Also, O is getting an art tote for her birthday (that I bought from Let's Explore last summer along with the crayon rocks and bird rubbing plates. I tend to buy waayyyyyyyyyyy ahead of time!), so the crayons will go nicely with the tote. I'm also thinking of getting these crayons and this sticker scene. I'm going to spend a little while trying to talk myself out of buying anything, but then I'll probably place my order tomorrow :) I'll justify it since it's my birthday, and it makes me happy to buy fun things for my little sweetie.


  1. Thanks for posting this! Where I live shipping is often a deal breaker since we are excluded from shipping deals that use UPS. Nice to find one that we can use.

    I ordered the rubbing plate set (great deal!) and finally got one of the silkscapes for my son's fort making.

  2. i just ordered a sticker play set - it looks like colorforms from when we were kids. i'm a sucker for a shipping deal. plus we do ebay so anyone who takes paypal is great for me - it doesn't feel like you are spending real money when it's deducted from a paypal balance!

  3. Thanks, Lisa!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who is a sucker for a good shipping deal :)

    Amy- I agree. Paypal makes it so easy, it's almost scary :) Which sticker set did you get? I bet S would love the zoo since you are regular zoo goers :)

  4. i went for the rush hour... i almost did the zoo but then i decided to switch it up a bit because we have so much zoo stuff already

    btw - how did you choose which play silks to get from Dharma? i have been wanting some but every time i look at the selection i get overwhelmed! these are such a good deal!

  5. Amy- I can't remember which silks I ordered, but I'll look when I get back home and let you know. If you don't hear from me, remind me! My brain doesn't work very well anymore :)

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope your day was filled with fun!

    Thanks for linking to my sale, too. :)


  7. I have to say, I just dyed some more Dharma silks w/ a totally random method if anyone's interested in hearing it...let me know. Turned out to be my prettiest ones yet! (Not sure if I actually made it up but I hadn't read about it prior.)

  8. I think that you'll be thrilled with those crayons - we have them & they really are beautiful and will last for years. We haven't had to clean ours yet but apparently a wipe of eucalyptus oil will keep them clean & shiny & smelling good too.