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Friday, April 10, 2009

Decorating Blown Eggs

Decorating blown eggs is a tradition that my mom started with us when we were kids, and she still has a few left. I'm hoping to find them when we go to her house this weekend.

I decided to continue the tradition by having O decorate 2 or 3 blown eggs (and we'll date them), and I'll decorate 1 or 2 special eggs for her. We'll hang them on the egg tree (that we don't have yet, so that tradition will start next year), and when she is grown she can have her special eggs for her own home and children. I'm planning on coating the eggs with mod podge to strengthen them in the hopes that they'll last a long time. Here are our creations:

I decoupaged pictures from some of our favorite picture books onto the egg. It didn't turn out very well, and I was pretty disappointed. I should have used smaller pictures and next time I'll try to choose pictures that are printed on thinner paper.

I painted this egg with leftover chalkboard paint. I think it will be fun to decorate and write messages on it each year.

Here is one of O's creations. She painted 2 eggs and colored 1 with markers.

My mom and sister made an egg for each girl (O and my niece) using tissue paper and mod podge. They wrote their names on the eggs, and they are very pretty.

Thanks to Jo for the idea to use skewers to hold the eggs! It made painting and decorating the eggs so much easier!


  1. Sometimes if you add a thick clear gloss (which evens out the thicker paper and gives it a smooth surface) it can make it look great!

  2. Beautiful!! Love your ideas as always!!

  3. I love them. Especially that Madeline one :)

    We too will have a proper egg tree *next year* - this year we got as far as finding the perfect branch & putting it in a vase but didn't get time to decorate it. Over Easter, in a shop window, I saw a gorgeous egg tree which was made from a branch that had been sprayed/painted gold. Very beautiful & that's what I aim to create next year.

    I'm impressed that the skewers work! I read on Martha Stewart to decorate the eggs *before* you blow them but I'm not sure if it would make them much easier?!

    Happy Easter to you & O :)