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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meet Roberta the Robot

My niece has to make a robot for a school project, so my sister, my niece, and O have been working diligently on this project. Roberta is super cute, and the girls are SO proud!

Melanie thought it would be fun to give the robot human organs made from playdoh :) It turned out great! M's favorite part was playing with the playdoh :) The girls have learned a lot about their internal organs during the making of the robot.

Melanie has given the girls several lessons on the names and functions of their internal organs.

Please excuse the dissaray!


  1. So fun...but I LOVE that chandelier! (Oh, Hi by the way- I'm new :)

  2. I LOVE Roberta! She is so cool! The internal organs are fabulous!

    She deserves an A++!

  3. That is great! The organs are so creative!

  4. Wow, the organs are really neat - what a great idea! Your niece will have the coolest robot in the class!

  5. great idea! We're starting some anatomy :)

  6. I once went to a brilliant talk by a pathologist who did a demo on playdough showing how to disect a kidney with a tumour and showing how to take measurements and how staging is done. I will never forget it because I am a visual learner. This is probably a bit advanced for your munchkins though!

  7. Great Idea!
    And my name is Roberta! :)