Chasing Cheerios

Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Day Fun

I had to work on Earth Day, but luckily Guh-guh & Grandpa do lots of earthy activities everyday!
The girls planted lots of sunflower seeds.

They played in the dirt, and they even made lots of mud. O is wearing her daddy's outfit. Can you tell we grew up in the late 70s? :)


  1. Where did you find those terra cotta saucer type things you used for the sunflower seeds? I've been looking for something like that ever since I saw them in your grassy centerpiece.

  2. The saucers are actually made of plastic. They come with big pots, but I think you can buy them separately. They probably came from Lowe's or Walmart.

  3. I love the "we grew up in the late 70s". hahaha. My mom saved a bunch of stuff from my childhood (she made a lot of our clothes) and wow - there are some crazy outfits in there. My poor kids.
    We're hoping to get a little planting done this weekend. It's finally warming up around here!

  4. I love the outfit.
    Planting sounds fun right now. :)