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Monday, April 6, 2009

A Mini Vacation

We decided to take a mini vacation (using credit card points for 3 free hotel nights!) for my birthday weekend. The highlight of the trip was the indoor pool at the hotel! Every morning, O woke up saying "I'm ready to go to the pool!" It rained all day on Sunday, and we were glad since it gave us a good excuse to hang out at the hotel all day to swim and sleep. We took a 3 hour family nap, which was wonderful :) Elliott and I were glad for O to get more experience swimming since the lake will soon be warm enough for swimming.

On Monday we went to an art museum which had a children's section. I was glad to finally take O to an art museum, and we all really enjoyed ourselves. O and Ell are playing with the Kapla blocks. O enjoyed herself, but Ell REALLY enjoyed himself. I think he may get a set of Kapla blocks for his birthday!

Ell's masterpiece (with a little help from O and me).

My favorite part of the museum was this magnetic sculpture wall. O was very engaged in this activity. I'd love to somehow replicate this at our house :)


  1. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time! That is funny about the Kapla blocks! :)

    I love the magnetic work. I would love to have a vacation at this point. A three-hour nap would also be nice! :)

  2. Kapla blocks are awesome. The kids' museum where we used to live had an ehibition there once all about them, and it was amazing the things they did with them.

    And I need to keep that magnetic sculpture wall in mind too. That's a great idea.

  3. looks cool! love the magnet board!

    we don't have kapla blocks but i do let my girls play with jenga game blocks we never play the game anymore and the blocks are fun and great!

  4. I enjoy your blog, although I've never commented before. You have some great ideas!

    I wanted to mention something about the Kapla blocks. We have some of those and absolutely love them! I recently found out that there are similar blocks called Keva Planks - they are the exact same size but made from hardwood (maple I think) and they are made in the USA. The best thing about them is that they are a little cheaper than the Kapla blocks. You might want to search for them. Also, there are lots of great building ideas and pictures at both the Kapla block and the Keva plank websites. You might enjoy looking at those.

    When we got the Kapla blocks for our children they had a great time with them - and then after they went to bed their dad and grandpa spent hours playing with them that night!

    Fun times! Glad you had a good trip.


  5. oh wow I want a magnet sculpture wall!

  6. I saw the coolest thing on TLC last night. You can buy magnet paint! They used it as primer, and then painted chalkboard paint over it. A chalkboard magnetic wall! It was BRILLIANT!

  7. What a cool museum! I love those hands-on places =)

  8. I love Kapla blocks! I picked up several sets a while ago when they were clearancing them out at Target, but I haven't seen them since then. :(
    Someone handy with tools could probably make them- the measurements are on their website.

  9. We put baking sheets on the walls. My boys love it! Cheap and fun :) Love your blog.

  10. We put baking sheets on the walls. My boys love it! Cheap and fun :) Love your blog.