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Monday, April 20, 2009

A Busy Monday

O and I are still at G & G's. We planned to go home on Sunday, but since we wanted to be here Tuesday morning, it didn't make any sense to go all the way home for just one day. Everyone around here was either at work or out of town today, so we had the place to ourselves :) Last night O said she wanted to do homeschool today, so we had a morning full of fun activities.

We sorted the nesting dolls by size and then put them back together.

We worked with this fun clock puzzle and discussed shapes, numbers, and telling time while we played.


We did lots of puzzles- farm puzzles, matching letters to pictures puzzle, matching numbers to items puzzle, practiced transfer dry pasta with tongs, colored a picture, practiced cutting skills, and took a nature walk.
After the nature walk, O worked on a nature collage. I taped contact paper to the door, and she put bark, flowers, leaves, etc on the contact paper to make a nature collage.

THEN Grandaddy Lewis came over, and we all went to see our cousin's new baby horse. The horse was so sweet and friendly :)

When we got back to G & G's we blew bubbles, played on the slide, and exercised on the ball.

Then M came over to play. The girls played for a while, and then took a fun bubble bath! Phew! It's been a long day :)


  1. I love the contact paper collages your daughter makes just from having contact paper taped to the window - definitely something we need to try!

  2. Sounds and looks like a wonderful day! I love the horse!

    We have that same clock! :)

  3. I am also so glad that you shared the contact paper idea awhile back. Isabella has LOVED this activity and each time I present it she works for a long time (...and I love the way it looks!)

  4. What fun! My girl loves nesting dolls, too...