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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Color Fishing

O and I went fishing today...color fishing! Thanks to Shannon at Teaching Tiny Tots for this great idea! To make this activity you need craft foam sheets, paper clips, a pen, a wooden dowel, yarn, and sticky magnets. This activity was especially easy and quick for me to make because I was able to use the fishing pole that came with a Melissa and Doug puzzle instead of making one. I cut about 10 fish out of craft foam and drew faces on them with a sharpie. I only had 4 paper clips, so I slid the paper clips onto the fish. I planned to use blue craft foam for the water, but then I decided to use blue felt. While I was looking for the felt, I saw O's blue playsilk and realized that it would be perfect for the water! We had a lot of fun with this activity, and there are so many ways to expand on it. I plan on eventually writing letters and numbers on the fish. I think it would be fun to have O catch her name. With the number fish, we could put the numbers in order and eventually add them together. Since the fish are made out of foam, you could even put them in a bowl of water (or the bathtub) to make the game more challenging! The possiblities are endless!

O was very excited that she caught 2 fish at once. She said she caught "both!"


  1. yippee she liked it!!!! i'm soo glad! that playsilk was perfect for it! love your ideas man our brains think alike! good job O for catching both!!! hi 5

  2. "fishing" is one of my students' favorite activities-it never gets old. A great variation is frogs and lily pads, where they have to catch the frogs out of the "pond"/playsilk and put them on the big/small lily pad.

  3. That's a great idea, Jessica! Thanks!