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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Matching Lids and Jars

This a simple activity you can do with jars from around your house. We have lots of jars since we can't recycle glass here. O was VERY excited when she saw me setting this up, and she couldn't wait to get started. I found as many different sized jars with lids as I could. I took the lids off and put them in a basket and put the basket to the left of the jars. O immediately got to work, and she did really well. I was afraid that I had too many jars, but it was the perfect number :)
After she finished matching the lids to the jars, she immediately starting taking the lids off and putting them back in the basket. She was ready for "more game" as she calls it! I think this girl is ready to start back with our school work!


  1. O is so smart... I dont think my daughter could do that one... I have lots of jars too I might try it...

  2. I like this idea! You always have such wonderful things to share! Your little girl is so blessed to have you and you her!!!

  3. Too funny. I had this activity planned for my daughter for next week. Glad to see that O enjoyed it, so I am definitely going to go ahead with it for Arin. Also funny that Arin calls all of our activities a game, just like O does with the activities the two of you do together.

  4. Wow, what a great idea! Simple to do, too!